Weather Alarm is an application which warns you of an incoming precipitation (rain, snow, hail), especially useful it is for predicting incoming storms and hail.
Our main algorithm is based on real-time calculations of radar images of selected country and runs on our servers.

That give us ability to predict direction and speed of surrounding precipitation for a proximately 2 hours ahead.

This application is especially suitable when you are having outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, motorcycling, biking, … or it can remind you, that you have to move your car in a safe place when a hail is coming towards you.

Currently available for:


More countries coming soon!

The main advantage of this application is in REAL-TIME
– reading direction,
– strength and
– speed

of an incoming precipitation.
That means, that it does not warn you in situations when precipitation cell is near you, but it is not coming towards you. It can also show you estimated time of precipitation cell arrival.

Application runs in a background and when it detects possibility of precipitation, it displays an icon in a top left corner of your mobile device. The icon represents the strength of an incoming precipitation.

The majority of calculations is done on our servers. That is why Weather Alarm is a battery friendly application.

Currently available for following countries:
Slovenia, Croatia, parts of Italy, parts of Austria, USA, S parts of Canada

Information that are shown to the user:
– is there a danger of an incoming precipitation
– number of precipitation cells
– Strength of the closest cells
– distance of the closest cell
– Estimated time of arrival of the closest cell

For detailed view of situation above you, you can check graphics presentation of your location and precipitation cells around you.

Settings in Weather Alarm application:
– Enable silent alarm – this function disables sound
– Enable vibration
– Chose sound – you can chose custom alarm type
– Chose your closest radar image – you can chose preferred rainfall radar

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