Sleep Detector is an application which tries to detect your sleeping time.
Statistic shows that majority of people before they go to bed, check if there is something new on their phone (mail, facebook, sms, news, missed calls, …) or even if they just plug in the phone charger.

So we did application which remembers last user activity on the phone and set this time as start of sleeping time.

It is useful in situations when you go to some party, you drink a little to much and in the morning, you just can’t remember WHEN or how have you come home:)
Well this app can now answer you at least on the first question.
Or maybe sometimes for some reason, you just want to know what time did you go to bed last night.

How it works?

When you do not use you phone for more than 5 hours, this application will remember the start time and the end time of an inactivity.
Application shows last 3 sleep times. When sleep is detected, it will show application icon in the notification bar. The tap on the chosen sleep time reveals the sleeping duration.

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