Mission: Moon


Mission:Moon is space simulation of a rocket. You will find different missions like flying in windy weather, reaching the moon, landing on moon, deploying satellite into moon’s orbit…

In each mission you have limited amount of fuel, so you have to be careful with using rotation thrusters or using main thrusters.

When you reach the space limit, it is wise to shut down the engine to save fuel. During the space flight you will be able to observe beautiful galaxy and stars! The closer you get to the moon, the more powerful gets moon’s gravity. The voice will notify you, when you will be near the Moon. You will have to use main thrusters to reduce speed to avoid crashing into the moon or you will have to just fly by the moon and deploy satellite. After satellite is deployed, you will have to observe it and if it will start circeling around the Moon, mission will be succesful.

With playing this game you will get basic understanding of space travelling, especially of gravity, orbits, saving fuel…

A very few player has managed to accomplished all six missions, so try to become one of them!
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