After many working months, the server side algorithm of Weather Alarm is almost finished!
It should be much more accurate and it is 5 times faster than previous one so adding new countries won’t be a problem in the future.


Weather Alarm has always been a step ahead of other similar apps due to real time calculation of precipitation movement and this update will set a new and even higher milestone on app market of weather apps.
A big change is coming also on client side (app), there will be a new user interface and it will be completely rewritten.

  • Graphics presentation

This is how it looks like background app, which I have been doing it for a few years (not the design of course).
In short, app’s algorithm finds precipitation cells and separates them. It calculates their speed, angle and strength and positions by tracking every single precipitation cell … Based on that information it calculates prediction for the next two hours.
In the next version of client app for android and iOS you will be able to see some more data that are currently hidden from you.
Almost all calculations are made on a server so Weather Alarm is battery friendly app.

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