Sales representative tool Salesman is suitable for sales representatives. In app you can build or import your own stores / client list and your personal product list with images. While you are creating a purchase order, you can use built-in bar scanner or just manually add products into the list. Customer can also sign the […]

Over a million installs!

My first app with over a million installs on android! It took some time, but reviews and ratings were keep getting better and higher, so number of installs per day were keep increasing until it finally reached a million of users who installed this game. I think it is time for some new levels in […]

Weather Alarm is getting an update!

After many working months, the server side algorithm of Weather Alarm is almost finished! It should be much more accurate and it is 5 times faster than previous one so adding new countries won’t be a problem in the future. Weather Alarm has always been a step ahead of other similar apps due to real […]

Break the Bulb

Break the Bulb is addictive game. In this game you will find a bulb and red and blue wire connected to a special electrical device with a moving button. Main goal of this game is to break the bulb as fast as you can. You can achieve this by sliding red button up and down. […]

Find Tractor 2

This is a new game based on our very popular game Find Tractor. It is completely rewritten, graphics is improved a lot and also physics and logic of the game. The goal in this is game is to find 3 tractors in 5 tries! Just start a game and you are ready to play, no […]

Silent Destroyer

In a desert far away there are two army bases. Only a spark is needed to start an epic battle between them. Drive your tank slowly and silently to approach their base and destroy them as many enemies as you can. Don’t forget to defend your home base! Defend your base, spawn your own helping […]

Tractor: Build and Drive

Have you ever wanted to build your own tractor? The one with special body, tyres, roof or even exhaust? Now it is your chance! At first you have build tractor of different components, every component gives tractor special property. When you are done with constructing, you have to complete various farm tasks with tractor, such […]